2018/2019 Season


AGM 6pm Saturday 15th June
End of Season Awards 8pm Saturday 15th June


Dear Member

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday for our annual AGM and Awards evening at the club house. Both events draw an important (and fun) end to the season and ensure we are well placed and on the front foot for planning the next one.

One of the key agenda points is the election of the new committee. The committee is responsible for the overall running and strategic direction of the club, without which we would not exist. Historically it has been hard to get all positions filled, which makes it both harder to run for those who do step up, but also limits the actual amount we can do. With the club increasing to 8 sides next season it is more important than ever that we have a strong committee and I urge each of you to think about what skills you can bring to the table. There really is not a significant amount of time commitment in the majority of the roles and apart from the obvious benefit of having a part to play in running your club, there are tremendous benefits from learning new skills and competencies which are directly transferable to your CV!

This year the committee has agreed to incentivise participation even further. For those elected to the committee and selected to manage the teams, there will be a 50% reduction in the Wimbledonian subscription for the year, worth around 125. Please be aware that you will be expected to carry out the roles fully, so do be clear on this if you stand.

I have attached the key committee roles and responsibilities. These are all up for grabs (the entire committee is re-elected each season). I am particularly keen to see an up and coming trainee accountant pick up the Treasurer role (or assist) and a Fixtures Secretary. Team Managers are not selected at the AGM, but through an application process post this meeting. Please let Tim know if you would like to stand. You will need a Proposer and Seconder from the club members and then at the meeting we will hear from and vote (as necessary) those standing.

I look forward to seeing you all Saturday. Please give this some serious thought and help make this great club even better..


OWFC Chairman