1. The Club shall be known as the Old Wimbledonians.
    1. The club’s home ground shall be at: 143 Coombe Lane, Raynes Park, London, SW20 8QX
    2. The clubs colours shall be based on the colours yellow, green and maroon.
  2. The club shall enter its sides into an appropriate league or leagues as decided by the committee.
  3. The club shall be administered by a committee duly elected each year by the members.
  4. All members, playing and non-playing, will be bound by the club rules.
  5. Members are responsible for their own possessions left on the premises, including cars.

    The Members of the Club

    1. Membership of the club is attained by the paying of an annual fee to the club.
    2. It is each member’s responsibility to ensure that his annual sub has been duly received by the club by the agreed closing date as stated by the committee. If no fee has been received by this date the person will be deemed not to be a member and therefore not eligible for selection as a player unless by prior agreement of the committee.
    3. The committee reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone who is in their judgement deemed unsuitable (subject to appeal)
    4. The committee reserves the right to revoke membership from any member who transgresses the rules, with no automatic reimbursement of annual subs (subject to appeal)
  6. Membership entitles the member to vote at the AGM.
  7. Membership entitles a member to stand on the committee if duly elected.
  8. Membership entitles a member to be considered for selection by the team managers.
    1. If selected for a match, it is each player’s responsibility to ensure that the manager receives his match sub. The amount of the match sub being within the guidelines agreed at the AGM by the members.
    2. If match subs are not paid, then it is the responsibility of that player to ensure the club receives the money that he owes at the earliest possible opportunity. This must be done without the necessity of any reminders from the club.
    3. If there is any query as to the amount owed, then the player can refer the case to the committee after paying the debt in full. If upheld the player will receive a refund forthwith.
  9. Members are not entitled to purchase equipment or kit for the club without prior consent of the House & Grounds representative.

    The Committee

  10. The committee shall comprise of seven members:
    1. The Chairman
    2. The Secretary
    3. The Treasurer
    4. The Social Secretary
    5. The Sports Ground Rep
    6. House & Grounds
    7. Club Captain
    1. Each member of the committee shall have one vote. The chairman shall hold no vote.
    2. In the event of a drawn vote the chairman shall be given a casting vote.
    3. A quorum shall consist of four committee members not including the Chairman.
    1. The committee members, apart from the club captain, shall be elected by the membership at the club AGM and serve one year in their posts
    2. The club captain shall be appointed each year by the new committee for the start of the new season, his term running from 1st September to the 31st August of the following year.
    1. If a committee member resigns before the end of his term, the committee will elect a caretaker member to fill that position and advise members as necessary.
    2. If club members disagree with any appointment an EGM can be called to re-elect that position. A written letter contesting the appointment will only be considered adequate if signed by five members or 10% of the membership, whichever is the least number and sent to the secretary with a copy to the chairman.
  11. If a committee member wishes to resign then he would be expected to give four weeks notice of his intent in writing to the Chairman
  12. The committee shall call an AGM once per year before the end of July.
  13. If an EGM is called by the committee then all members must be notified in writing at least seven days in advance of the proposed meeting.
    1. A committee member may be voted out during his term only at an EGM by a 75% majority decision of those present.
    2. The committee member concerned must be informed in writing by the Chairman before the calling of an EGM regarding the situation.
    3. Any potential candidate from the membership should attend.
    1. Committee members shall attend all committee meetings.
    2. If unable to attend, the committee member shall inform the Chairman or Secretary one week in advance.
    3. If two meetings are missed, for whatever reason, then an official notification will automatically be sent to the individual advising him that rule 19d) will be applied should he subsequently fail to attend the next meeting.
    4. Any committee member who fails to attend three consecutive meetings will automatically be considered to have resigned his position.
      1. A committee member considered not fulfilling his role can be asked to step down by the rest of the committee assuming a majority decision.
      2. The member may contest the decision by asking for an EGM to be called.

    The Chairman

    1. Shall chair all committee meetings
    2. In the event of unavailability, the chairman shall nominate another committee member to chair the meeting.
  14. Shall sign the minutes of the previous committee meeting as true and fair.
  15. Shall hold the casting vote in the event of a tied vote by the committee.
  16. Shall act as the committee’s spokesperson on decisions made.

    The Secretary

  17. Shall co-ordinate all the clubs administrative affairs with the league and the FA and should ensure the clubs compliance with the rules laid down by the aforementioned bodies.
  18. Shall notify committee members of any decision taken by other bodies that affect the club.
  19. Shall attend all relevant league meetings or find a suitable representative.
  20. Shall be responsible for notifying the team managers of the details of each teams fixture as early as possible.
  21. Shall attend and minute all committee meetings or find a suitable representative to do so.

    The Treasurer

  22. Shall be responsible for the keeping of the club accounts and be able to produce a financial statement at committee meetings in addition to the preparation of statutory annual accounts.
  23. Shall be responsible for notifying the committee of any outstanding debts with minimum delay.
  24. Shall attend all committee meetings.

    Sports Ground Rep

    1. Shall represent the club at all OW Sports Ground committee meetings and report back to the committee.
    2. If unable to attend, shall ensure that another member of the committee attends.
  25. Shall attend all OWFC committee meetings.

    House & Grounds

  26. Shall be responsible for any matters pertaining to the designated home pitches and the changing rooms.
    1. Shall keep an inventory of all club equipment and its location.
    2. Shall make the inventory available to the committee, the schedule to be held by the secretary.
    3. Shall update this list on a quarterly basis.
  27. Major purchases of any equipment will be agreed prior to purchase by the committee, including checking with the treasurer as to availability of funds for said purchase.
  28. Shall attend all committee meetings.

    Social Secretary

  29. Shall be the co-ordinator for the organisation of social events.
  30. Shall attend all committee meetings.

    Club Captain

  31. Shall attend all committee meetings.
  32. Shall be available to liaise between players and the committee on any local matters.
  33. Shall help co-ordinate club projects as required.

    The Manager

    1. Shall select and organise his team only from registered players.
    2. Shall try and ensure that two substitutes are selected each week, dependent on the other teams having 11 players.
    3. In picking his team, the manager will not pick any player that the committee have informed him is in breach of club policy.
  34. A manager will only select players from the team immediately below, i.e. The first team will promote 2nd team players, and the second team will promote third team players, after consultation with the respective manager.
    1. The 2nd Team Manager will ensure that any player who has not been named for the forthcoming 1st team match but who was selected for the 1st, in the previous week will be in the starting line up for the 2nd
    2. Likewise 2nd team to 3rd
    3. By prior agreement, with any one player, Rule 46a) and b) shall not apply and his availability is deemed to be an acceptance.
    1. Shall be responsible for the completion of the official match form and the club match form.
    2. He shall ensure that these forms reach their correct destinations on the day of the match as directed by the club secretary.
    1. Shall be responsible for the collection of match subs and ensuring such moneys are given to the treasurer within agreed deadlines.
    2. The manager will assume the indebtedness of any debtor if he continues to choose to play them, in the knowledge of an arrears situation.
  35. The manager shall encourage the players to return to the Coombe Lane Club House after away games.
    1. Shall be responsible for his team’s kit and any team or club equipment.
    2. Shall not lend any team kit/equipment to others without prior committee permission
    3. Shall be able to offer an adequate explanation to the committee as to any losses of kit or equipment.
    4. If an adequate explanation is not forthcoming he shall make good any losses.
  36. If a manager wishes to resign then he must try and give the committee four weeks notice of his intent with written notification to the Chairman.
    1. If a manager accidentally or otherwise acts contrary to club policy then he will be advised of this by the committee and must provide explanations as necessary.
    2. If he continues to disregard club policy he may be asked by the committee to resign.
    1. The manager shall be selected by a selection panel meeting after the AGM and before the start of the season.
    2. The panel for 1st Team Manager selection shall consist of The Chairman (or his representative), The Club Captain and a member specifically selected by the membership at the AGM for this purpose.
    3. The same panel with the addition of the new 1st team manager shall select the second team manager.
    4. The same panel with the addition of the new 2nd team manager shall select the 3rd team manager.

    The AGM

  37. All members shall be notified of the AGM four weeks before the event and an agenda shall be made available.
  38. The AGM shall be presided over by the outgoing chairman.
  39. The minutes from the last AGM shall be read.
  40. The Agenda shall be followed.
    1. Election for a committee position shall be proposed and seconded in writing at least one week prior to the AGM.
    2. If a last minute candidate wishes to stand, then he/she is required to be proposed and have two seconders. One of the three must be a current committee member.
    1. If a current committee member wishes to extend his tenure and there is no other candidate for his job, he must still secure a vote of confidence of 60% from the membership of those attending. No proxies allowed.
    2. If he does not secure this vote, the position will remain empty until the new committee meets at which time a member will be asked to fill the position in a caretaking capacity.
  41. The new chairman shall close the AGM.
  42. The new committee shall hold their first meeting within four weeks of the AGM.


    1. Any equipment or kit borrowed for a club tour (official or unofficial) must be sanctioned by the committee.
    2. It will be the responsibility of the member borrowing it.
    3. If anything is lost the member involved will replace the missing items.
    4. A deposit may be asked for before club possessions are lent out.
  43. If a tour makes a financial loss, the club will not make any contribution unless this has been previously discussed and agreed by the committee.

    The Constitution

  44. The constitution may only be changed at an AGM or EGM.
    1. The rule to be changed or added will be read to the membership and discussed.
    2. The chairman will call for a vote.
    3. To become accepted into the constitution a 75% majority vote must be obtained from the members present.
    4. A member unable to attend may wish to register his vote in advance. This may be done by notifying the Chairman or Secretary in writing. Verbal notification will not be accepted.

    Club President

    1. The club president shall be elected for a three year term
    2. The president may be re-elected.
  45. The title shall be honorary but the president shall:
    1. have the right to attend any committee meetings
    2. have all the rights of ordinary membership
    3. have the right to veto the election of a potential vice-president
  46. The President shall be expected to support the club at any official occasion i.e. the annual dinner, cup finals, etc.
  47. Any candidate for club president shall be decided by the committee.


  48. A candidate for vice-president shall be nominated in writing to the committee by a current member of the club.
  49. The candidate’s suitability shall be discussed at a committee meeting and a period of a month’s consideration shall be allowed to elapse before a decision is made.
    1. A unanimous vote for the candidate will then authorise the club chairman to approach the club president for approval.
    2. A failure to gather unanimous approval will render the election to vice-president to have been unsuccessful.
    3. The same candidate may only be nominated on one further occasion.
  50. With the president’s ratification, the candidate shall be deemed to be an honorary life vice-president.
  51. A vice-president shall be deemed to have all the rights of an ordinary member in perpetuity.