17 July 2020

Chairman’s Words

Our Chairman Speaks

Dear friend and fellow footballer,

It seems strange writing to you again around something we have all too often taken for granted. The reason we give up our Saturday’s, our Sunday mornings, our Tuesday nights, Wednesday nights, Thursday nights, Lord knows any possible moment…. The love of football! The most important of all the unimportant things. Covid came quickly (if not unexpectedly) and it has changed most people’s lives, one way or another, probably for ever. I sincerely hope each one of you has coped as well as possible during lockdown and I am happy to begin to welcome you all back with open arms to our own wider family of the Old Wimbledonians Football Club. We pride ourselves as being much more than 11 players on the football pitch playing for a side, and it is that strength which we use together to get back on track as the world begins to open back up.

So the good news is we are beginning to plan for a new season. And not just any season. Our club is to celebrate its 50th anniversary in the 2020/21 season. Something very few clubs at our level achieve and yet we are bigger than we have ever been. I am hopeful that such a magnificent moment for us will be graced with some real celebration together, again as and when guidelines allow.

On a practical front we are waiting for the new guidelines for grassroots sports, expected shortly. I am hopeful that within reason we will see a return to full contact football soon and I expect our various leagues to then confirm their position. Representing our club I hope and expect everyone to respect the rules and of course look out for each other as and when time allows.

We would of course under normal circumstances have had our AGM by now. Circumstances have meant this has not been possible and at present we propose postponing until such time as we can both hold a meaningful meeting and be clear around all the facts. As such the current committee is proposing to stay in place for the moment to ensure continuity barring any objections from the membership.

That said, I urge you all to think about change. Who else is prepared to stand and support the club at committee level? Who can help make our 50th anniversary celebrations as good as they can be? Who has skills they can bring to the table which will not only share the burden of work, but bring new ideas and energy to the table?

Once the AGM is out of the way the managers will be selected for this coming season, so if there are any budding Klopps, Guardiolas, Mourinhos or Farkes then please contact me.

So, the message is, please be patient and ‘bear with’. Things should move quite quickly over the next few weeks and we all need to be ready to spring into action. Please do drop me a message if you have any thoughts about next season and beyond, particularly if you’d like to chat about being on the committee.

Best as always to you and your loved ones and look out for the new website which will go live later this week. www.oldwimbledonians.co.uk

Woody (Damian Woodward)

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