18 March 2021

Letter From the Chairman March 2021

Letter From The Chairman

17th March 2021                                    

Dear All


I hope you and those close to you are well and have kept safe during this last lockdown. I know it has been a particularly hard period and I personally am really looking forward to being back with all of you and of course playing football.

With that in mind we are delighted that from the information we have received so far, all three of our leagues, both Saturday and Sunday, are planning to restart the weekend of 3rd/4th April. Whilst we have some logistics to still work out, we are confident that we will have pitches for all 8 teams to facilitate that with the potential of two of those pitches being at Coombe Lane. All of those details will be clarified before the restart.

In terms of disruption to the season and the financial implications of that, it has of course put both the football club and OWA under some pressure. However thanks to both running a tight ship I am really pleased to say we have been able to weather the storm.

On that note, for those of you on the Wimbledonian we have decided as a committee to refund each player £70. The Wimbledonian was £245 and a proportion of you paid it outright. For those of you that paid it in instalments it was intended that everyone would have paid it in full by March. I am aware that a few of you have stopped paying. What this means is that every player on the Wimbledonian needs to have paid £175 to be up to date and in fact be clear for the remainder of the season. Please help us by getting up to date. Bank details are on our website www.oldwimbledonians.co.uk look for payments on the contact tab. If anyone is suffering financial hardship please get in touch with me or club captain Matt Healy as soon as possible so we can try to help so you can carry on playing football.

For those due money back we will again send a form out with a few different options as to what you would like to do with that.

The intention is that food will resume post-match and from mid-April, subject to lockdown rules, alcohol will be served at outside tables. We have decided to postpone the free polo shirts to those on the Wimbledonian.

Matt Healy, Club Captain is picking up the mantel on socials and again rules permitting we hope to have a few events and of course an actual  no holds barred end of season event post all rules at the end of June!

My only other message is to be patient with each other and our oppo when we come back. I know there is a lot of pent up energy and we need to make sure that is channelled in a positive way. This season the club has had 6 disrepute charges – more than the previous 4 years combined. I back out spirit and approach all day long as a football club, however please do just have this in mind and let’s ensure we stay incredibly proud of our reputation.

Getting thirsty just writing this so on that note I will say ‘see you soon’ and make sure you get some exercise in between now and the end of March.


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